ROGER FEDERER-The peRFect Champion‬‏


This video of painting roger federer ,like its subject, is a true masterpiece.

Roger Federer, the swiss tennis maestro, is undoubtedly the best sports star, athlete, celebrity of all time.
He is a true genius on and off court and does not fail to floor the crowd by his grand game and impeccable style.
His charisma is simply undeniable and his ease on court and magnificent style of play can make any person his ardent fan in a matter of seconds.
I believe that in his earlier birth he must have been an artiste or a magician because he is all that on court even now.

As many say, Federer seems to perform a graceful dance in what is actually a ferocious attempt to crush his opponent on the court.
His composed body language, grand appearance, perfect form, curt responses, fluid movements and a marble perfection of a face, which is always so serene and cool, are what make him different from the others..

It's really fascinating to watch him make even the toughest shots look effortless and dreamy.
His game, so unique and elegant....meticulous yet original..calm yet dashing is god's gift to him and such a brilliant mix of talent, courage, humility, grace is a rare find..and that's what makes him a class apart.
He has brought glory to the sport of tennis and has made it much more than just a game of physical battle.

The 'FEDEX' of tennis not only 'delivers' a spectacular performance but also assures us world class tennis entertainment every single time he 'sets' his foot on the court:)
I hope that his number of 16  17 grand slam wins atleast crossses 20 and this record of his stays unbeaten forever.
Cheers to the peRFect player, son, husband, father, champion and the perfect idol...we love you are our hero and will always be our peRFect RF..

p.s-Do watch the following video if u a federer fan..:)

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